Invoice without your own company

You only pay 2.95% of the invoiced amount and then everything is included. Thanks to our high degree of automation, we can keep prices low so you get more in your wallet.

Hassle-free billing

You have a customer

You have a customer for whom you want to perform work and get paid without having to register a company. You start by registering an account with Shoutly. You create your account easily via Mobile BankID. It's completely free to sign up and Shoutly only charges when you get paid.

You create a collaboration

When you and your customer have agreed on a price for your work, you create the assignment easily via our requirements templates. You then choose a time period for the assignment and enter the hourly rate or fixed fee. When the end date is reached, your invoice is created automatically and sent to your customer with your reported hours. You will see how much you will be paid in salary when you create the collaboration.

Your salary is paid as soon as your customer pays the invoice

Your invoice is sent and created automatically. Once your customer has paid your invoice, your salary will be paid estimated and ready! Depending on the payment method you have chosen, it can take up to a banking day before the money arrives in your account. If you choose Swish as the payment method, the money will be paid out to you immediately.

Calculate your salary - that's how much you should charge

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