user-friendly API for automated salarys

Integrate our service into your customer experience

Integreat Shoutly in your system or app

With our user-friendly API, you can easily integrate our services into your own system or app. Our technical support is available throughout the implementation in case questions should arise. You can use all parts via the API or use a combination of platform and API.

Modern API
Tech support
Fast payouts
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Administrate all your staff in our plattform

Use our interface and administer all your staff, easily, smoothly and super fast. You easily create new collaborations with your staff in the platform and the payments are made automatically. No integration is required and you receive all payments on a single invoice or according to your wishes.

Create your own white label plattform or use ours
Invite freelancers
Decide how and when to pay
How it works

No integration needed, get stated right away

With our simple CSV import, you can pay all your creators directly from a CSV or XML file. We handle all administration and employer responsibility. Freelancers can see all their payments and collaborations in the platform.

Personal support
Fast payout
Decide how and when to pay
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Ready to be integrated in your system

Contact us
Contact us and get access to the API documentation and an intro to how it can best be used for your purpose.
Create account and get API keys
Once you have access to the documentation, you create an account and get access to API keys and can start testing.
Connecta your freelancers 
When you are ready, you can connect your staff. If you use a combination of API and UI, they will receive an invitation to the platform.
Create collaborations
You create collaborations through our API. The invoices to you will be triggered at the selected interval and then the payment will be sent.

We are with you throughout the integration

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