Invoicing as an individual

We take care of everything that can feel like a hassle, from administration to paying the right tax and pension. Enjoy all the benefits of self-employment at a fraction of the price.

Our fees are only half the price compared to Sweden's leading self-employment companies, on the same good terms!

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How does it work?

You can quickly and easily register with BankID online and start creating assignments right away. In your dashboard, you get a clear overview of both past, ongoing and future assignments. There are over 45,000 self-employed people in Sweden and many of them choose to use Shoutly to manage their gigs. Shoutly also offers fast and flexible payouts of your salary.


Create an account

If you have a customer that you want to work for and charge without having to register a company, start by registering an account with Shoutly. You can easily create your account with Mobile BankID.

It's completely free to sign up and Shoutly only charges when you get paid. You only pay 2.95% of the invoiced amount in fee and then everything is included.

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Create a collaboration

Once you and your customer have agreed on a price for your work, you can easily create the assignment using our requirements templates. You then select a time period for the assignment and enter the hourly rate or fixed fee.

When the closing date is reached, your invoice is automatically generated and sent to your customer with your reported hours. You will see how much you will be paid in salary when you create the partnership.

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Your salary will be paid as soon as your customer pays the invoice

Your invoice will be sent and created automatically. Once your customer has paid your bill, your salary is paid out taxed and done!

Depending on the withdrawal method you have chosen, it may take up to one banking day for the money to reach your account. If you choose Swish as the payment method, the money will be paid to you directly.

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Register for free

Why Shoutly?

Invoice without a company, only 2.95% fee
We insure you so that you are safe during your work
Get the money directly via Swish, we take care of the rest!

Questions & Answers

What is Shoutly?
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Shoutly offers services for businesses that need a smooth way to pay their freelancers, consultants and giggers. Optimized to administer and manage payments to many different partners at the same time, Shoutly simplifies the work with a clear overview so you have full control over all your collaborations. Your creatives can receive payments without having to start their own business and Shoutly takes employer responsibility and handles everything from taxes to insuring your staff.

For those who are private individuals, Shoutly acts as a self-employment company where you can send invoices without having to start your own company. Your salary is paid and taxed automatically, and Shoutly provides insurance coverage while you work on your assignments.

Who can use Shoutly?
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In order to use Shoutly's services, the only requirement is that you must be at least 18 years of age.

How much will my salary be?
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How much you get paid for your assignments depends on how much you bill. When you invoice via Shoutly, you become employed by us, which means that we pay social security fees and taxes for you. Of your invoiced amount, about 50% will be deducted from the invoiced amount before it ends up in your private account. This is mostly due to statutory social security contributions and taxes, but also Shoutly's 2.95% administrative fee. This 2.95% includes not only help with administration, but it also includes an insurance policy so you should feel safe when freelancing via Shoutly.

How do I get paid for a completed assignment?
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Payment for your collaboration will be paid to you automatically after the assignment is completed, provided that your client has paid your invoice. You can easily download accounting documents regarding the payment in the platform under the payments tab.

How do I register an account?
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Create an account by clicking here. Follow the invitation you received by email and register with Mobile Bank ID. Register your profile with payment details and competencies. If you are a consulting company, you can also invite your colleagues. You can choose the currency and payment method that suits you best.

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