A 'how to' for you as a consultant

For you who works as consultant and have been invited by a company

Follow the registration link

Follow the link and register via your mobile bank. Through the onboarding you'll be required to describe your self, your company and your competence.


Choose payment method

Fill in your account information and choose the preferred currency you want to get paid in, here is where your money will go after your errands are done. Your salary will arrive within 10 minutes after your partner has paid.

Create and accept errands

As soon as you get proposals for errands from your collaboration partner you'll get a mail where further details are displayed, all on the plattform. When you have accepted the errand then you'll be able to start your work.


Get paid and download receipts

Your payments will automatically dhow up on your account when errands are done. Either monthly or what has been agreed upon with your collaboration partner. You can find information about your accoutancy and declaration on the plattform.

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Do Shoutly create the bills for me? 

Shoutly creates the invoices for you based on what you and your partner have agreed on. This way, your partner can get a single invoice for all collaborations. You can download the invoice from the page menu for your bookkeeping.

What happens if I decline an assignment?

If you or your partner decline an assignment proposal, the assignment expires and you will need to create a new one unless otherwise stated in your agreement.

When do i get paid? 

Immediately when your customer has paid the invoice from us, a payment is created for the account information that you have entered. How long it takes for your money to appear in your account is based on how fast your bank processes payments. Payments in EURO usually reach you within 5 minutes.

Why do I have to enter my bank account information?

We create and pay your invoice automatically to the payment information you have entered.

Why do I have to submit IBAN and Swift?

We use a combination of different transfer options to get your money to you as quickly as possible and it is therefore important to provide full account information.

Do I get the money in salary or as a payment?

In the onboarding steps, you choose whether you are a company or an individual. If you state that you are a company, you will receive your money as a regular invoice payment.

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