We help you optimize your consultant management

We take employer responsibility and insure your staff so you can focus on your business.

Scale your business - not the administration

With Shoutly, you can grow at your own pace without the administration anxiety striking. You easily invite all your consultants to the platform and keep track of all the skills of your staff and costs in your team. You can have all your consultants on a single invoice adjust the invoicing for cost centers or departments. Use our contract templates and requirements templates so you know you get what you and the consultant have agreed on.

No administration

Finished contract templates

Get a single invoice for all consultants

Payments in several currencies

Integrate Shoutly in your system or app

With our user-friendly API, you can easily integrate our services into your own system or app. Our technical support is available throughout the implementation in case questions should arise. You can use all parts via the API or use a combination of platform and API.

Administrate all your staff in our plattform

Use our interface and administer all your staff, easily, smoothly and super fast. You easily create new collaborations with your staff in the platform and the payments are made automatically. No integration is required and you receive all payments on a single invoice or according to your wishes.

Mockup of Shoutlys platform that show some of our features in payroll management

No integration needed, get stated right away

With our simple CSV import, you can pay all your creators directly from a CSV or XML file. We handle all administration and employer responsibility. Freelancers can see all their payments and collaborations in the platform.

Mockup of Shoutlys dashboard on mobile view

Reduce your costs for your consultants

By gathering all consultants in one place, you can get a good overview of your skills and costs. Save unnecessary administrative time and money by using our all-digital flow for your consulting management.

You easily gather all agreements and requirements in one place in one all-digital flow. Extend, complete and edit the consulting assignments directly in the platform. Through our easy-to-handle system, you can easily set up certificate chains and payment flows that suit you.

Manage all your consultants in a simple interface

Finished contract templates

Get access to our ready-made contract templates and facilitate the setting of requirements. The templates make it possible to go back and see what you and the consultant have agreed on and if all delivery points have been met.

Find the right consultants

Find consultants directly in the platform and sort them by who is best suited for the role. Easily sort the consultants by competence and use our ranking system to see which consultant is best suited for the role.

Work globally

Work smoothly across lance limits and pay in over 42 different currencies.

Follow up effectively

Gather all your consultants in one place and get good control of your skills and costs easily and smoothly in one and the same interface.

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