Collect and organize your consultants

With Shoutly you can quick and easy manage all of your consultants on one and the same platform. You'll get a clear overview perspective and are able to follow up your costs of your consultants and pay them- all in one platform.
Safe, insured, taxed and ready.

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Invite consultants

Invite your consultants and collect all on and the same platform. The consultant will register themselves safe using Mobile BankID, taking only a maximum of 30 seconds.

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Contract consultants

With Shoutly you are able to contract the competence you're in search for. You have the ability to manage everything from contracts and requirement templates to payments, all working fully automatically.

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Manage consultants

Decrease administration with automated pay- and consulting management. Work with global teams and pay out salary in over 30 different currencies through Shoutly.

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One bill to all of your consultants and giggers

Create your teams in the platform and pay them through one and the same bill. The recipients kan choose the currency and payment option of their liking without it effecting your imposition of hands.

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Work with global teams

With the help of Shoutly it's easy to work over seas. Let you recipient choose what payment option and currency that best fits them for the ultimate customer experience. Our payments are additionally very fast and reaches the recipient usually within 10 minutes.

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Are you a consultant that have been invited by a company?

The features you need, and a bit more

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Clear follow-ups
Get full control over your costs with a good overview over all of your giggers and consultants. Then sort and present along side your requirements.
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Shoutly is built to fit your brand. Thats why you have the accessibility to use all of our services through whitelable or API.
Complete contract templates
Through structured templates and contracts for requirements you'll minimize the risk of misunderstanding, making it safer for both parties.
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