Bill without owning a company for only 2.95%

With the lowest price on the market you are as a customer at Shoutly on top of all your errands and are able to charge your customers without needing to own a company.
Safe, taxed and insured.

An easy way to get paid

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Create account

To be able to bill without owning a company you'll need to create an account (free of charge) together with Mobile BankID and information regarding your payments.

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Create collaborations/bills

To be able to bill your customer you are required to fill in a time schedule and the amount salary agreed upon. This is the foundation for secure payments.

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Get paid

For a quick and smooth already tax paid salary Shoutly will automatically send you the bill as soon as the gig is done. You will get your money paid out in the form of salary.

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Avoid issues with your bills and reminders

With Shoutly your bills will created and be sent automatically once your gig has ended. As soon as your customer pays the bill we'll pay out your salary. Shoutly makes you as a customer feel safe and secure by ensuring that you are insured during the duration of the gig and makes sure that your salary comes out tax paid and done.

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The gig platform with the lowest fees

We tolerate to be compared. Thanks to our advanced automatization you are able to gig with lower fees than ever before.

Are you a consultant and have been invited by a company?

The features you need, and a bit more

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Fast payments
We at Shoutly offers automatic payments meaning that you'll never have to wait unncessarily. As soon as your customer has paid your salary will be on the way to you.
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Safe and insured
As a consultant at Shoutly you stay insured during the whole duration of your gigs, so that you can focus on what's important.
Global networks
With Shoutly you are able to pay and get paid in over 30 currencies. This makes it both easier and simpler for you and your customers.


Don´t you find an answer to your question? Please contact us at and we will help you! 

When do i get paid for my bills? 

When the assignment is completed the invoice is automatically sent to your customer who has up to 30 days to pay. As soon as we have received the payment from the customer, the money is on its way to you. The transfer usually reach you the same day but it can vary depending your country currency and bank.

What will happen if my customer does not pay? 

If for some reason your customers would not pay, we can help you pursue the matter to debt collection.

How much should i charge for my services? 

Here, of course, there are different ways of thinking, but a good start is to think about what you want for a monthly salary and what other costs you may have as a self-employed person. A good idea is to set aside some for retirement and holidays. In some assignments, you may also have to cover extra expenses in the form of travel or materials, so you should also take these costs into account.

Assuming you have a good overview of costs, it is then easy to calculate how much you should invoice. In order to have a competitive price compared to other gigs in the same category and with similar experience, it can also be smart to investigate what the approximate salary level is at and adapt based on that.

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