Feel safe with Shoutly

With Shoutly you as a customer can feel safe during the duration of your gigs.

An easier way to get paid

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Contract templates

Use our templates for requirements and minimize miscommunication and unpaid corrective turns.

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Safe and insured

Being self employed through Shoutly means that you're always insured during your gigs.

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Paid and ready

Don't worry about salary respons and/or social fees. The money then arrives insured and ready to use.

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Get your money insured and ready

We take care of taxes, social fees, statutory retirement and insurance so that you can keep on doing gigs and finding new errands. Shoutly makes sure that your money gets to your bank account insured and all set.

Ask us about taxes and insurance >

Smooth for you and your customers

Your customers will always get sent a digital version of the bill that can directly be entered into your customers accounting system. If your customers were to pay late Shoutly will manage the reminders for these bills for you.

Do you have questions regarding our insurance? 


Don´t you find an answer to your question? Please contact us at contact@shoutly.com and we will help you!

When do I get paid for my bills?

When the assignment is completed the invoice is automatically sent to your customer who has up to 30 days to pay. As soon as we have received the payment from the customer, the money is on it´s way to you. The transfer usually reach you the same day but it can vary depending your country currency and bank.

What happens if I get sick?

If you become ill during an assignment, sick pay is paid in accordance with the Act (1991: 1047) on sick pay, provided that you can present a medical certificate from the first day of illness. Please note that we only pay sick pay based on the time you would have worked on an assignment through Shoutly.

What will happen if my customer does not pay?

If for some reason your customers would not pay, we can help you pursue the matter to debt collection.

How much should I charge for my services?

Here, of course, there are different ways of thinking, but a good start is to think about what you want for a monthly salary and what other costs you may have as a self-employed person. A good idea is to set aside some for retirement and holidays. In some assignments, you may also have to cover extra expenses in the form of travel or materials, so you should also take these costs into account.

Assuming you have a good overview of costs, it is then easy to calculate how much you should invoice. In order to have a competitive price compared to other gigs in the same category and with similar experience, it can also be smart to investigate what the approximate salary level is at and adapt based on that.

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