We take on the employer responsibilities for your freelancers

Automate administration and payments to your staff with Shoutly's seamless API.

Focus on your growth, let Shoutly take care of the employer responsibility

Shoutly is your dedicated partner that takes on the full employer responsibility and manages employments for you. We specialize in simplifying and streamlining the hiring process while ensuring that your employees have access to competitive insurance and retirement benefit packages.

With Shoutly as your EOR partner, you can be confident that the employment process will be smooth and compliant with regulations and laws. Additionally, you gain access to high-quality insurance and retirement solutions that help you attract and retain top talent. Let us take care of the administrative work so you can focus on growing your business.

Multiple benefits of automating your workflow processes

Full Employer Responsibility

With Shoutly as your EOR (Employer of Record), you don't have to worry about employer responsibilities. We handle all administrative tasks, including payroll management, taxes, and social contributions, freeing up your time and energy to drive your business forward.

Efficient Employment Management

We simplify the process of hiring employees, whether they are based locally or internationally. We ensure that everyone complies with local labor laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks and ensuring compliance.

Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Shoutly strives to offer market-leading insurance and retirement benefit solutions to your employees. We understand the importance of providing a comprehensive benefits package to attract and retain talent.

Partnership with Max Matthiessen

We have formed a strategic partnership with Max Matthiessen, one of the leading advisors in benefits and insurance in the Nordic region. Together, we combine our expertise to offer you and your employees the best solutions for insurance and retirement benefits.

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Focus on your growth, let Shoutly take care of the employer responsibility

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