Streamline and optimize royalty management

With Shoutly, you can create a platform for your gig workers and manage payments and billing automatically in an organized manner.

Facilitate the collection, distribution, and reporting of royalties

When it comes to managing royalties, whether it's for music, literature, digital works, or other properties, precision and efficiency are crucial. This is where Shoutly plays a central role by offering a powerful solution that automates and simplifies the entire process. Shoutly can provide your company with specialized services and tools that facilitate the collection, distribution, and reporting of royalties.

Stop wasting time and energy on complicated royalty management. Let Shoutly automate and simplify the process so you can focus on what truly matters to your business – building strong relationships with your collaborators. With Shoutly, you can be confident that royalty payments are handled smoothly and professionally every time."

Simplify the collection, distribution, and reporting of royalties

Automation of Royalty Payments

Shoutly removes the complexity from royalty management by automating the payment process to the rightful owners. Whether it's paying composers, artists, authors, or other royalty holders, you can trust that Shoutly ensures payments are made quickly and accurately. This eliminates the risk of delays and erroneous transactions.

Flexible and Customizable Methods

We understand that different companies have varying needs and workflows when it comes to royalty management. That's why Shoutly has developed several methods for using our platform. You can easily manage royalty payments through our user-friendly interface (UI), upload large amounts of data via a CSV file for quick processing, or use our powerful API to integrate with your existing system.

Reduce Administrative Burden

By using Shoutly for royalty management, you can free up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks. Through our platform, you can collect and store royalties that are then distributed to eligible recipients, minimizing administration and the risk of errors.

The view at the company that has freed up time and resources with Shoutly's automated service for payroll and salary administration

Facilitate the collection, distribution, and reporting of royalties

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