How it works for you as a consultant

1. Register your account

Follow the invitation you received in the email and register on Shoutly's platform with Mobile Bank ID or phone number. Register your profile with payment details and skills. If you are a consulting company, you can also invite your colleagues. You can choose which currency and payment method suits you best.

2. Create or accept assignments

If your client has created a collaboration proposal for you, you can easily see it under the collaborations tab. The collaboration specifies fees, schedules, agreements and delivery points. You accept the assignment easily by clicking accept in the collaboration. If you have an hourly collaboration, the hourly report will be displayed when the end date for the collaboration has been reached.

You can also create collaborations with your client. You easily create a collaboration from your dashboard, the collaboration is then accepted by your client.

3. Get paid and download documentation

The payment for the collaboration will be paid to you automatically after the collaboration has ended, provided that your client has paid your invoice. You can easily download accounting documents for the payment in the platform under payments.

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